Woman Sneaks into Lion's Den and He Isn't Having Any of It

It doesn't matter how often it happens, people love putting their lives on the line when they go to the zoo. What is it about the zoo that viewers just decide you know what? I guess it's time to risk it all!

A woman at the Bronx Zoo today decided to hop into a Lion's exhibit and starts to...dance?

You can check out the video here, and see her try to get the big cat's attention. Twitter users were quick to call this lady stupid for trying to get viral this way, while others say that it was the lion that REALLY stole the show. You can see in the video the lion does not even move a muscle seeing her, and just looks tired of her s@!#! Better that reaction than any other, because let's be honest, it could've ended a lot lot worse. RIP Harambe. Gone, but Never Forgotten.

Not even her dancing got a reaction, he just kept staring. Kinda like when someone starts dancing in the subway. Shout out to you, Lion. You really are a true New Yorka' !

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Mo' Bounce

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