Even Deer Need a Trip to the Salon Every So Often

A Long Island salon received an unexpected customer on Sunday: a male buck. And we're not talking about a guy named Buck. I'm talking about an adult male deer, who decided to stop by for a quick cut. Talk about those doorbustin' deals!

Jenisse Heredia, owner of Be. You. Tiful Hair Salon was giving a customer a haircut when a deer unexpectedly came crashing through her storefront window and let me tell you, that deer came in HOT! The customer proceeded to get up and check out where the deer was, while Heredia looked around, in shock, at her store covered in deer tracks and broken glass. Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Don't worry, though, aside from the damage to the store, nobody got hurt. The woman who the deer landed on was brought to the hospital and only sustained minor injuries. The deer, however, is still on the lam. If you see a 200-pound, big ol' deer, it might not be the same one, but just know he's startled, and looking for a fresh cut.

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Mo' Bounce

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