Texas Man LITERALLY Gets The Socks Knocked Off of Him By Lightning Strike


I could think of about a hundred things to ruin the start of the week. Being stuck in traffic. Getting whoppers in your candy bag. But getting struck by light definitely has to take the cake.

It's rare to hear about these lightning strike stories, and even rarer to have it have a happy ending. But in Alex Correas' case, he survived to tell the story. Correas was walking his dogs by a park near his home when he was struck by lightning, causing his socks and shoes to fly right off, burn his shirt, and pass out. Witnesses of the strike quickly took action to help save his life until first responders came onto the scene, and he was quickly sent to Memorial Hermann Hospital were he got even more help. Faith in Humanity = Restored.

As for the pups of this story, they ran away shortly after the strike, but they were found and totally fine, don't worry. Alex's injuries include a scar from an emergency operation and a black eye he sustained after his unconscious fall. Now, he's just glad he's alive and he's staying in good spirits. Check out the full story in the video below!

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