Where to Celebrate the 'Death' of Your Student Loans? A Cemetery Of Course!

You're out of college, and what's the biggest thing hanging over your head? Well let me tell you, it's definitely not that rain cloud like in the cartoons. I'm talking about the thing scarier than any scary movie you've ever seen: student loans.

Whether you find a job after school or not, it's a scary thing to think about. I sure as hell don't! But i gotta show some props to Mandy Velez, who after 6 years, got rid of her 102k in student loans! You go girl! You're crushing it!

In a Facebook post, Mandy started by writing: "Ding Dong! My Loans are Dead!" Along with the post was a photo of her in the Trinity Church cemetery with shiny balloons that say "102k," which is just about the best content you could ask for on this gloomy Monday! She had a goal of getting rid of the originally 75k in debt she had accumulated while at the University of Pittsburgh. We stan big time! What're your goals to get rid of your loans ASAP??? Someone PLEASE let me know!

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