Of All the "Sexy" Costumes, "Sexy Mr. Rogers" Has to Take the Cake!

Welp, once I saw this costume idea...I was quite literally speechless. You've seen costumes like Sexy Corn on the Cob, Sexy Lobster, Sexy Hacker, and even Sexy Pizza Rat. Yeah I know, right? Sexy Pizza Rat???

But get ready, we now have...drum roll please...Sexy Mr. Rogers! Who comes up with this stuff?? They have to get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, at least! This is the sexy costume version America's been waiting for! Twitter is at war about it, and even the ladies at The View argue about whether this costume is offensive or not! What do you think? Are you going out and buying your Sexy Mr. Rogers costume this spooky season?

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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