Wait, You Can Just CHANGE the ABC's???? I'm Going Back to Bed...

The ABC's. They're practically the first thing we learn in school. You could recite the whole thing without once flinching, at least I'd hope you'd know it that well!It was perfectly catchy and easy to remember, so why did it need a new version?

Some found the 'lmnop' part to be a bit confusing for new learners, so someone took it upon themselves to make that part a bit more clear, and it caused a domino effect that's ruined my life. Happy Monday, amirite??

Screenwriter and producer Noah Garfinkel tweeted about a new version of the song that does just that, and who can explain the song better than he can?

Yeah...that was pretty life ruining. I'm going back to bed now. We'll try again tomorrow.

People were overwhelmingly unhappy with the video, agreeing with Garfinkel, that this song was...just not it dude. What do you guys think? is it easier than the old version, or are they just TRYING to make us suffer with this new version?

Photo: Getty Images

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