iOS 13.2 Came Out, and We're HERE for All of the New Emoji's!

So it's been a little bit over a month since iOS 13 came out for iPhones, and a bunch of smaller updates and bug fixes later, Apple delivered with iOS 13.2, offering a LOT of new emojis. Which beckons the question: what WON'T be an emoji pretty soon?

To be specific, these aren't just a lot like 50 new emojis. Apple released 398 emojis. Three-hundred. And Ninety-Eight. I don't think I know 398 emojis, or even a hundred for that matter!

Some of the highlights include a yawn emoji, which has generated the most attention with the update. Now, when you're bored of a conversation or feeling a lil' sleepy and want people to know, the yawn emoji is here!

Not to mention a bunch of other emoji's like the "small sign" emoji, which is technically the pinching emoji, but we all know that people will use it to describe [redacted]. And of course, not to mention all of the new emoji's for the disabled, from prosthetic limbs, to a blind person emoji, person in wheelchair emoji, and even some cute service dog emojis!

Then there are the random ones, like the ice cube emoji, the juice box emoji, a yo-yo emoji, and a bunch more. If you want to see all 398 new emojis, you'll just have to update your device and check 'em out for yourself! Is this update everything you could've asked for AND more??? *insert cool guy with glasses emoji*

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