Guy Gets "Fast Cash" Confused With "Fake Cash"

Either this guy got duped out of something very, very valuable, or he was trying to pull off the bank heist of the century.

A Nebraska man entered a Pinnacle Bank in Lincoln attempting to open a new bank account. Normal stuff, right? Well...not really. The man walked in hoping to open a checking account with one bill: his $1M bill. Now, I know what you're thinking: a $1M bill? That doesn't exist! No way! Well, you'd be right. That bill does not exist. But that did not stop this man from trying to cash in on the bill anyways!

Employees of the bank said that the man was insistent on the bill being 100% real, despite their telling him that this bill just doesn't exist. Once the bill was rejected, the man left, and ultimately did not open a new account. Authorities are currently looking for the man, unsure if the man really attempted to pull a fast one on the bank or if the man was genuinely confused about the legitimacy of the bill. This really is something you don't see everyday. Only in Nebraska. Is anyone going to tell him?

Fun fact: the largest bill ever printed is the $10k bill. I could use a couple of those right now.

Photo: Getty Image

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