Big Halloween Candy Haul? Well, Time to Eat! It's National Candy Day!

Unless you were living under a rock, you know that Halloween was this past Thursday. And whether you're a kid going house to house for some halloween candy, or an adult and going out to parties, or if you even just stayed at home to give out the candy, you probably have some sort of stash of candy that you're saving yourself for. Your dentist will probably advise against eating all of that candy at once, but if there's any day to do it, it's today!

Today is National Candy Day!!!

I guess who ever made this national holiday up wanted us to show a little bit of self-control and not eat all of our candy right after Halloween. For some of us, it's a little too late for that one. But if you got your candy stash, treat yo' self! T Plus a bunch of places even give out discounts on bags of candies after Halloween is over, so you have no excuses!

Listen, if you walk into the dentist's office this week and they tell you that you have multiple cavities and need several fillings, know that it was super, duper worth it.

AND in case you missed it, check out this Mo's Rando's where I talk about the best AND worst halloween candies!

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