No Flying Cars Yet, but We Finally (Kind Of) Having Floating Homes??

Now most of us probably don't just have $6 million dollars laying around. But if there's anything to spend it's probably my student loan debt. BUT after THAT, I'm buying this house on the water. And it's no ordinary house on the water, let me tell you!

The Arkup home, which can be found at 400 Alton Road at South Beach, Florida, is a floating mansion which serves also as a luxury yacht! It's your typical, trendy looking house if it could swim, what else could you ask for???

Coming with 4 rooms, 4.5 bathrooms, an extendable party deck, full kitchen, and much, much more, it is the dream house for anyone who loves luxury, flexing, and being on the water. Want to sail out to the middle of the ocean, go to the Keys or the Bahamas? Easy! Just drive your house! I don't think I could have ever predicted saying that in 2019. Go future!

You can check out their website and see what they have to offer; they do rentals too, not just properties! So you can ride out in style for a fraction of that cost. But keep in mind that even a fraction of that cost is a lot of money. So if you got it, go to town! Flex on all of your friends and family! If you had the money, would you buy this floating mansion? Watch the video below, for a second, I felt myself reaching for my wallet!

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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