BuzzFeed List of the Week: Accurate Tweets About College Majors!

We're about halfway through the semester now, midterms are finishing up, and there's a BUNCH of college students going through it right now. And I think right about now, we're at the point where you guys need some much-deserved comedic relief. And what better way to chill out and relax than to look through this Buzzfeed list of the best tweets about college majors!

It seems like with this list, everyone's on the hot seat. But no need to worry! It's all good fun, and what is college if not being self-aware and laughing about how silly your major can be sometime. Or just to poke fun at other peoples. If we're being honest, it's probably the second thing.

Check out some of the tweets below, and make sure to send some love to the original list if you can't find yours! It's probably there, cause like I said, every college major is in the hot seat for this one!


This one is SO meta! Maybe I'll just have to tweet about this tweet and relate with the public, am i right? Ok I swear I'm done.


OOOooooooo this one got me RIGHT in the feels. Sending some love to my undecideds out there! You guy's will decide something eventually!

And as for my agricultural studies majors, once you're done with that corn, I'd be more than willing to grade you on quality once I grill that SoB!

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