I See Your Bagel Boss, and I Raise You Kidz Bop Karen

This year, we got tho oh-so-famous Bagel Boss. Don't even think about bringing up his height, because it's a very, very touchy topic for him. If you haven't already seen his Bagel Boss Meltdown earlier this year, well...get on that! He was America's anti-hero, and took the nation by storm. But now, it seems he's got some viral-sensation-competition now. Move over, Bagel Boss. We've got...Kidz Bop Karen!


She's here in all of her (very angry) glory. We don't know her name, and we certainly don't know her story, but America learned that she's not the person you want to cut off. Chelsea Klein recorded her blow-up on her phone while sitting in her Lyft. In a "HERE"S JOHNNY" style, the woman peered her head into the passenger side's window, and gave the driver a piece of her mind. He apologized endlessly, however, she quickly turned her attention to Klein once she noticed that she was recording her.

Her reaction is absolutely BANANAS! She sticks out her tongue, and says some less-than-friendly words to Klein.Chelsea then told 'Karen' that she wouldn't apologize, and points out that her window is open, implying her kids could hear her cussing. Her response?

"They can't hear me because they're listening to Kidz Bop."

She makes a good point, I guess? Gotta love New York City!

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