Woman Forges Doctors Notes for High Schoolers for $20, is Genius

Belinda Gail Fondren worked for a local physician in her hometown of Evans, Louisiana. And at some point after her leaving that job, decided to pick up a pretty funny side job: selling fake doctor's notes to teenagers. This got me thinking: why wasn't there anyone like this lady when I went to high school???

For a little while, Belinda had a good thing going, making $20 bucks a pop for each fake doctors note. But eventually, the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office caught a wiff' of her hustle. The VPSO had received complaints from the Vernon Parish School Board about several students using similar medical excuses at local schools. The VPSO then decided to give that local physician a call and figure out what was going on, and once the physician said that he had no records of any of these cases and did not authorize any sort of excuses.

From there, the VPSO interviewed some of the kids that used the excuses allegedly used, and they went full on 6ix9ine. I'm talkin some serious squealin', like freaking church mice! They identified Fondren as the one who had been making the notes, and found that she had made 14 of these "doctored" notes. Ha. Get it?

Anyways, from there, the authorities arrested her and charged her with filing or maintaining false public records. Not all heroes wear capes.

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