All Aboard the Nostalgia Train! The Motorola Razr and Better Than EVER!

Who could forget the Motorola Razr? It was a lot of people's first phones EVER, and probably one of the coolest flip-phones to ever hit the market, as cool as flip-phones can be. Now, it's back, in a full touchscreen body, removing the old keyboard, in the age of foldable phones. The phone that was once the highest-selling phone of all time is now back, but with a pretty hefty price tag on it!

Remember the Java games? Playing some good ol' Billiards? Or I even remember playing the Rocky boxing game and thinking "WOAH! WE'RE IN THE FUTURE NOW, this is GREAT." Now, we can only guess that this phone is coming with a whole store of games, apps, and a bunch of fun stuff. Plus, who isn't excited at the idea of finally having a phone that fits in your pocket again! TBT!

Now, the one thing possibly stopping it from MEGA popularity is the price tag: coming out as a Verizon exclusive device, this phone is starting at $1500. Ouch. Why is my wallet on fire? Oh right, that phone burned a FREAKIN' hole in my wallet.

Despite this, the phone should pique a bunch of nostalgic peoples' interests. I know I'm a little curious about it. But let's be honest: no one wants to be the one friend making the group chat green bubbles instead of blue bubbles. We'll just have to see how the phone does when it goes on sale in early 2020. So dust off the ol' phone holster, it's time to walk around in style with your BRAND NEW Razr! Check out some details about the new phone, release info, and pretty much anything else in the video below!

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