Four Mouth-Watering Words: Reese's. Minis. French. Toast.

Just when I thought french toast couldn't get any does!

DIY Foodie/Craft Instagram uploaded a mouth-watering french toast recipe using quite possibly one of my favorite candies of ALL time: Reese's Minis.

I'm talkin' melted cups, inside the loaf, cooked to cinnamon-y perfection. And on top? A Chocolate drizzle, some whipped cream, more Reese's Minis, and a freakin' cherry on top ! Don't worry ladies and gents, I'm gonna devour this thing faster than you can say "Mo? Are you alright? You're looking faint... It looks like you're about to pass out and fall into a diabetic coma!"

Check out the full video below, but not if you're super hungry, because it will make your mouth water. Don't forget who put you on, people.

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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