You Ever Make a $10,000 Christmas Wish List? This Kid Did EASY!

One of the hottest debates in America: when does the Christmas season start? Some people say the second the clock strikes 12:00 on Halloween night. Others say that it's after Thanksgiving. Regardless, Christmas is fast approaching, and it's usually around this time of year that kids make their wish lists. And what a great time to be a kid, writing down all of the things you want for Christmas in the hopes that Santa will reward you with those things, on one condition: have you been good?

When I was a kid, I remember wanting a BUNCH of different things for Christmas, but I always felt it was some pretty reasonable requests, you know? Some clothes, video games, maybe even some money, nothing super duper crazy.

Kids don't usually have a huge sense of money and how much things cost, and who can blame them! But one twitter user posted his daughter's wish list for this holiday season, and I've got to's DEFINITELY not cheap.

This is the kind of wholesome, funny wish lists we love to see. From a pet bunny, to clothes for the bunny, designer apparel and accessories, like a "chanel purs," and a whopping $4,000!!!!! WOWZA. I think if my sons asked me for anywhere near this much, I'd have to break the bad news.

Considering the mispellings and the range of weird, different gifts, we can't help but forgive this little girl's innocence! And props to her for dreaming big and keeping her head in the clouds. Maybe her dad will settle on the bunny? Who knows! For now, it's definitely a fun read! Have you ever had this pricey of a wish list growing up?

Photo: Getty Images

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