Would You Ride a Ferris Wheel a THOUSAND Times Around???

Ahh the carnival. Who can forget the bumper cars, the balloon and dart games, "ring the bell" strength games, and even odd carousels and coasters. But one of the more important parts of any carnival is the ferris wheel. You start and stop, fall in love at the top, all that cutesy cliche stuff!

Well, MrBeast, a YouTube channel of a group of friends performing ridiculous challenges, such as reading the entire dictionary, Ubering across America, and even counting up to 200,000. They're known for starting a challenge and following through, and have even gained a pretty crazy following. I mean, who else could muster up the courage to drive through the same drive through 1,000 times in one day. These guys are freakin hilarious. And trending on YouTube is their most recent challenge, where the group of guys ride a ferris wheel...1,000 times!

They could've half-assed it, but they have full-footage of their entire trek around the gargantuan wheel! On max speed, they alternated spots for bathroom breaks, challenged themselves from things like throwing hula hoops, to shooting (and successfully making) a basketball into a hoop, to overall just messing around and being just a bunch of dudes. Who are being dudes. *insert sunglasses emoji*

And don't worry, this wasn't just for nothing. Throughout the video, they advertise and endorse Teamtrees.org, their fund to plant 20 million trees in celebration of their 20M subscribers milestone. We stan. Oh, we stan big time!

Check out the video below and watch these goofballs get really dizzy and lose it, all for a good cause!

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