Florida Dog Takes Human's Car, Goes for Joyride, Is Still Good Boy

So listen, we've all seen those "Florida Man _______" articles, from "Intentionally Drove Ferrari 360 Into Ocean At Top Speed" to "Florida Man Dances Through DUI Sobriety Test," to even "Florida Man Throws Burrito in Woman’s Face, Cops Say. And This Has Happened Before." That last one is actually a personal favorite of mine. But today's headline does not include a man at all. Today, we're talking about Florida Dog. And no, you didn't read that wrong.

After the dog's owner left the car to use the restroom briefly when, at some point, the dog was able put the car in reverse and ride around in reverse round the cul-de-sac. Not only this, but the dog even did reverse DONUTS! VROOM VROOM, Rover! The owner didn't take notice at all, but neighbors and even the police showed up to the scene to figure out what was going on, only to find the canine whipping around the ol' neighborhood in style.

The joyride lasted about an hour before it came to an end when the police showed up and unlocked the car door via passcode, but not before the pup took out a mailbox, trash can, and left a path of destruction. But before you get alarmed, the dog was ok. Actually the dog was in high spirits and excited to be outside again. What a bad boy! Oh damn, who am I even kidding, he will forever still be a good boy!

Would you let your dog behind the wheel? Let's be honest, this dog is better than most drivers in Manhattan anyways! Check out the whole story below!

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