Massachusetts Unleashes Spot, the RoboDog!

Warning: if your least favorite movies are the Terminator movies, and your biggest fear in life is the robots becoming smart and sentient and taking over the world, let's just say you might not like where this is going...

Ok that was a bit dramatic of me, but I never thought I'd live to see the day where the police started using ROBO-DOGS. Do they bark like real dogs or do you think they just make nuts and bolts sound effects? The Massachusetts State Police have been testing these robo-dogs for the last few months. And they are not here to play around at all, so don't expect any games of fetch, alright?

These dogs can work together, lift over 1,000 pounds, hunt down targets in the woods and fight back someone defending themselves. Listen, I'm really trying my hardest to not make it sound absolutely horrifying, I really am.

Made by Boston Dynamics, the Mass. State Police are the first to use the robotic dog named 'Spot' for their department. The dog was used as a “mobile remote observation device” to provide troopers with images of suspicious devices or potentially hazardous locations, like where an armed suspect might be hiding. The future is here folks. The ACLU is even a little bit suspicious of the dog's use, as it raises some red flags in terms of surveillance and the power these k-9's have. If you're a huge techy, this'll warm your heart. But if you're deathly afraid of robots...I'm actually pretty impressed you made it this far into this.

All we know for certain right now is that they're definitely not as cute as some K-9's. But let's hear what Spot's gotta say. Check out the video below and see Spot in action!

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