Want to Learn the Secret to Living Past 100? Crack Open a Cold One!

There's a bunch of weird theories supposed life hacks about how to live longer and lead a healthy life into the triple digits. I'm talkin' the big 100. But a WW2 vet has come up with the strangest theory as to why he's lived for so long.

Andrew E. Slavonic turned 102 years old over the weekend, and he claims that the reason he's lived this long is because he drinks a Coors Light every day. At 4pm. Once a day, at specifically 4pm on the dot.

No sooner, no later? And every single solitary day? I have so many questions.

Andrew first ended up in the news in 2018 for claiming that Coors Light was his own personal fountain of youth, and now he's got his own Coors Light-branded fridge stocked with some shwag and some of his favorite brews. He was honored at the Coors Brewery in Colorado, and later honored at a Pittsburgh Penguins game, and don't you even think for a SECOND he didn't have his daily Coors Light.


He started drinking his daily brewski in 1996, and eventually switched from Coors to Coors Light because he liked the taste, and his doctor recommended it. I guess a Coors Light at 4pm a day keeps the doctors away!

So I, Mo Bounce, will be drinking two beers a day at 4pm a day to get me to 204 years old! Well, not really I have to be on air at that time. But eventually, I'll be the oldest man in the world!

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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