It's Cuffing Season: The Do's and Don'ts!

Ladies and gents, it's cuffing season. That time of the year after those hot summer days, where the nightlife is crazy and being single is the norm. And since there's about 100 different streaming services with Disney+ and Apple taking off, there's never been a better time to be snuggled up by a fire with your boo thang and spending the coldest days of the year as warm as humanly possible.

Don't let those cold nights make you feel lonely, and you definitely don't want to do anything too desperate, like texting your ex and telling them how much you miss them. That's what Thanksgiving is for, you missed your shot, time to move on.

Now if you've got your boo, good! You're doing great so far! Now if you don't, there's a bunch of things you can do, and those things are mostly Tinder.

According to data on Tinder usage, December and all of the months surrounding it see the biggest increase in Tinder popularity among other apps that use Facebook and in the app store in general. The sea is bigger than you think, guys and gals, you just need to know where to go fishing! But not catfishing. It's almost 2020 guys, I think we can leave catfishing behind. Please, for the love of GOD.

But remember, it's always important to be careful of how you're using the app, because it's very hit or miss.

I've met couples who have met through tinder and had wonderful relationships, and how can you really compare that to other relationships. If you guys click, you guys click! Who the h*ck cares how you met? You occasionally hear of the really wholesome stories of people meeting on the app and getting married. We're also leaving online-dating-app-stigma in the old decade, we don't need that energy!

But for our entertainment and to the horror of some online-dating users, sometimes it doesn't work out the way you want to.

You can look at these horror stories as one of the many examples for why the person your meeting needs to be properly vetted. There's always a BUNCH of stuff that could ruin the date, in and out of your control. Take the girl who dates this great guy, only to later find out that this 'great guy' is in a very seriously-committed relationship. Or take the guy who starts seeing a girl and after one date, asks you to get dinner with her and her friend on a double date, and she DOESN'T EVEN GET YOUR NAME RIGHT.

Stuff like that, you definitely want to be careful of. And it seems like a lot of work, well whether you meet someone in real life or via an app, it's all really the same: hoping you don't end up with an absolute weirdo. Once you find that person, turn on some TV. The only thing that makes binge-watching a bunch of hours of whatever show your'e watching is having someone there to watch it with you the whole way through.

Happy cuffing!

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