How About THIS for a Hollywood Transformation??

Trending all over the internet is Kumail Nanjiani. You may know him from Showtime's Silicon Valley, where he plays a nerdy computer programmer, or maybe his original movie, The Big Sick, where he plays himself and his wife Emily's story of how they met. Since these roles, Kumail has blown up, ending up in other big movies and shows, and most recently, it was announced that he would be in Marvel's The Eternals, arguably his biggest role to date. So what did he do to prepare for his role? Well, he got FREAKIN' jacked!

Very obvious thirst trap, Mr. Nanjiani, but it certainly worked. He worked out as a way of transforming his look with this new role coming up, and he really rose to the occasion. Not only that, but he explained his transformation and was very humble and thankful for the opportunity to do so. This is some seriously stan-worthy behavior, if i do say so myself.

Twitter was here for absolutely ALL of it, with some funny reactions and the much-needed memes. I think "Kumail became a Kumeal" HAS to take the cake for best reaction.

To think I ate a cold Whopper for lunch today...Kumail's killin' it!

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