International House of...... Burgers?!?!?

Breakfast giant IHOP has thrown the dining world into a frenzy!

Today, the chain known for their delicious pancakes and other breakfast treats announced a change to their long standing name. IHOP is now IHOb!

And what does that new "b" stand for, you ask...? BURGERS!!

That's right! The International House of Pancakes is now the International House of BURGERS! 


WHAT?!?!?!? Relax, they're still serving up their heavenly buttermilk pancakes, but this name change is only temporary as they promote their new line of steak burgers. What's interesting is IHOP/b has actually been making burgers since 1958. The name change was meant to signify that they are now taking burgers just as seriously as their pancakes. 

Last week, IHOP teased fans that they were changing their name to IHOb and people went crazy trying to guess what that mystery "b" could be. Guesses ranged from "Breakfast" to "Bacon" to even "Booze!" But nobody... and I mean NOBODY could've ever guessed that "b" stood for "burgers."

This change is legit. People have spotted IHOP store signs being swapped out to say "IHOb" and even a total revamp of the menus. 


Despite the change, IHOP hasn't let go of their breakfast roots. One of their new burgers is called the "Big Brunch" and it's a cheeseburger with bacon, fried egg, crispy hash browns, and signature IHOP sauce. This combo honestly sounds AMAZING!!!

Now I love pancakes... and burgers, so maybe this is the long lost combination my taste buds have been waiting for... I've honestly never had a burger at a pancake place, so I guess IHOPs genius plan is working because now I reeeeeally want to try one of their burgers.

We all know them for their delicious pancakes... let's give their burgers a shot. 

Here's my idea... a burger with 2 fluffy pancakes for buns. Mmmmmm try that on for size IHOb!

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