This Hoop Exercise Class In NYC Will Have You Forgetting You're Working Out


Lyra is THE new pole-dancing class of NYC! 

As someone who is not crazy flexible, (or graceful 😂), this exercise class really brought me out of my shell. I felt confident even when I was struggling! 

The class started out with the basic stretches as you would do in a standard dance class. Then we got up on the hoop that was raised in the air. If you're looking to focus on strengthening the backside of your body in 2018 this is definitely the exercise class for you! The class focuses on the muscles you don't usually target like your back and shoulders. 


If you want to feel confident and sexy but the poles in those pole dancing classes scare you... this is definitely a class you would want to take! 

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Here's more info on the class at CRUNCH

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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