There's A Cereal Bar In NYC And It Is Seriously GRRRRRREAT!


There's a Kellogg's Cereal Bar in NYC and seriously it is the best bar we've ever been to in this city. 

First off, the second you walk into this location at 31 E 17th Street you are immediately greeted by Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam! There are hammocks and couches for you to lounge, books to read and games to play. There is even a station where you can get pop-tarts toasted! The best part of the cereal bar though HAS to be the 'Instagram station' with the perfect lighting and set-up to get that Insta just right! 


Each cereal is set-up just like in the dining hall at college, or as the fro-yo is set up at Sixteen Handles... Each cereal vends into your bowl and then you can choose from any topping you want! Seriously, any topping you could ever desire is there. They even have these 'toasted marshmallow' topping that literally tastes like you just roasted a marshmallow on the fire... INSANE! 

This bar will bring out the kid in all of you, and yes you will end up eating two bowls, like me! (whoops) 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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