Max And Noah Cyrus Talk Their New Song 'Team' And Farting In Front Of Bae

Max and Noah Cyrus are my favorite new TEAM. SEE what I did there.  They have a new song that is complete fire that I just love them so much as people.  They are two talented humans who came together and gave us all the summer vibes we needed with this song.  

Max and his incredible wife and the fact that they are complete couple goals.  I love they way he talks about her.  Not only is he the best hubby in the world BUT the fact that they openly fart in front of each other is the definition of true love.  Noah on the other hand is completely disgusted by the idea which is understandable considering her granny wont even say the world FART LOL.  

Speaking of her grammy, Noah explained why she decided to use a pic of her grandparents as the cover for this song.  Its such a beautiful and sweet tribute.  

They were such a blast to hang our FULL chat below! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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