Noah Cyrus And Max Talk Farting In Front Of Their Significant Others


Noah Cyrus and MAX stopped by the studio the other day and I just felt totally #blessed to be able to talk to them about their new single "Team." These two are truly one of the best duo teams I've seen come in here. They're on the same page 100% and it's really inspiring to see. One thing they can't seem to agree on? Farting in front of their family and significant others! 

Noah can't stand fart talk. You can see her getting SO uncomfortable as Max discusses him and his wife Emily's constant fart and potty talk. He even admits that after Emily's surgery, she was ordered by the doctor to fart before leaving the hospital. Her and Max literally sat around waiting for her to fart so she can go home! Well Noah would not be able to do that. The  18-year-old singer admits that she gets it from my mom. Apparently Billy Rae is the parent in the family encouraging the farts. Her mom however, is totally against it! Noah even says that when it comes to her and her boyfriend she absolutely CAN NOT fart in front of him! She tells us that the two of them live together with one of her best friends and he's always making jokes that she's the one who clogs up the toilets, which she does not appreciate! 

When it comes to their song "Team," though they agree on the significance of a song dealing with two people that are just always going to be on each other's side. The song, written by Noah, was inspired by her grandma who was married Noah's grandpa after only five days of knowing each other. They were married 25 years until Noah's grandpa passed too soon from cancer. Noah grandma still talks about her late husband to this day, always saying they were a team. 

Well Noah and Max, you've definitely inspired me to try and find the other member of my team! Can't wait to listen to this song on repeat! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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