There's A Candy Popup Shop In NYC With A Marshmallow Pit


I had the sweetest, most delicious, and whatever candy pun you can think of next, at the Candytopia in midtown. This popup candy spot was a whirlwind of airheads, rock candy, and marshmallows. 

Right on 145 W 32nd Street, you can find your next Instagram post. When we first walked into the joint we were greeted by many statues completely decked out in candy. Followed by art on the walls of artists, Willy Wonka and other famous works recreated with candy! My favorite was a photo of Cardi B. from her music video Finesse. I decided to name the piece of art Candy B!   

My favorite part of the day though? The marshmallow pit! The fall in was the best part and trying to swim around was almost impossible, but I made it out and it honestly was my favorite part of the day. It reminded me of the ball pits I used to go in but for adults, and CANDY themed!!! 

Anyways if you wanna check out this hopping spot in New York right now, you better get your tickets quickly because it leaves the city November 15th! Here's the link to get your tickets today! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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