Zara Larsson Had A Hard Time Picking The Single Off Her New Album


Zara Larsson is back after playing all the festivals this summer and she is giving us new music that we are just so excited about! 

Zara stopped by the studio the other day to sit down and talk to me about her pleather pants (which are amazing), how we are READY for fall and winter fashion and of course her new music. While discussing the process of making music. "It's coming together, finally," says Zara about working in the studio these past months. "The hardest part for me was to pick a single.. and I've changed it five times." Woah FIVE?! It's hard enough to find one single off of an album for some artists but Zara kept switching it up between five. Just goes to show how amazing this album must be! When discussing what the single is like she says, "It's a really catchy, emotional song." Well we are just so excited to hear all of it! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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