Lauren Jauregui Debated Going To College After Fifth Harmony Break


It's not every day that I get the most amazing, talented, fierce artist in the studio, so when Lauren Jauregui came in I would not let her leave until all my questions (and yours) were answered. 

With her new single, Expectations, coming October 24th, I needed to know how she got to this point of her solo career. She had many things to say about this time between Fifth Harmony and the release of her first solo single. For one thing, Lauren debated going to college to study philosophy! 

"I went through this phase of, 'I'm just going to go to college,'" says Lauren after the group took a break and she realized that this could all go away, "What would I major in? philosophy, and maybe do anthropology.... yea I want to write books about humans." All the years in 5H, Lauren rarely thought about herself.. What was her sound? Who was she going to be as an artist? And so it took her awhile before even jumping in to do features on other songs and work with other artists like Halsey and Marian Hill

We dive into this and so much more in our interview in clips below! You'll never know what unexpected things about Lauren you'll learn! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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