You Can Smash Furniture And Electronics At A "Wrecking Club" In NYC


Ok guys, Shelley here again... and this time ready to WRECK STUFF! Yes that's right, there is an actual place in New York where you can wreck things. Someone piss you off? A situation at work has you angry? Well why throw your phone against a wall when you can wreck someone else's stuff to get that anger out!? 

The Wrecking Club is a new for of "therapy" where you can demolish a room for 20 minutes straight. Let out your anger or just have some fun! You can go for a "couples session" as well as part of a big group! If your not looking to spend a ton you can do the "Hit it and Quit it" session which is $25 dollars for a 15 minute session for 1 to 2 people. It includes 1 electronic (printer, monitor, or laptop) OR bucket O' dishes.-Includes: Sledge hammer, baseball bats, crow bars, hard hats, construction gloves, cover pants, and cover jacket. 

Not going to lie... I was a little sore the next day from all the smashing! So not only do I feel mentally rejuvenated but I also got a little exercise in too! 

For more info on booking your session click here and make sure they know Shelley sent you! :) 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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