Angelina Jolie Was Reportedly Pissed About Selena Gomez And Brad Pitt Photo

According to Perez, Angelina Jolie was not too pleased at the photo Selena Gomez Instagram'd of her and Angelina's then husband, Brad Pitt at a Golden Globes after party. If you didn't watch the film, Selena has a guest appearance in 'The Big Short,' the film Brad was nominated for. 

An insider is sharing, "Angie blew a gasket when she saw Selena's Instagram, and heard through friends about how brad and Selena flirted so shamelessly. Now Selena is bragging to everyone that Brad is gung ho to make another movie with her. Selena is going around jokingly calling Brad 'my future husband,' and Angie is obviously none too pleased." 

Wish we could have been a fly on the wall when Angelina saw this photo: 


Photo: Getty


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