Britney Spears Is Not About Ariana Grande's Impression Of Her

Britney Spears reveals she is so not about Ariana Grande's impression of her in SNL skit from March 2016. Take a look at the impression above... 

At London's radio station KISS FM UK Britney Spears listen to the audio from the skit and she did not sound impressed. 

She awkwardly stated, 'That's funny. That's really funny.'

When she was pressed for more of a statement she said, 'Yeah she's good, she's very good.' Then throwing some shade said, 'I love her voice, she's very smooth... Her real voice.' 

But of course the radio host thought Ariana's impression was wonderful saying over and over again:  'She's spot on. Do you think she did Britney justice?'

To which Britney responded, 'I've heard better.' 

Clearly Britney was not impressed by this interpretation of her songs. The whole scenario seems rather awkward! 

Photo: Getty 

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