Carnegie Deli Will Close At The End Of 2016

It has been announced that NYC staple, Carnegie Deli, will be closing at the end of this year. The restaurant owner, Marian Harper, broke the news to the Carnegie employees Friday morning. She states, “At this stage of my life, the early mornings to late nights have taken a toll, along with my sleepless nights and grueling hours that come with operating a restaurant business. I’m very sad to close the Carnegie Deli but I’ve reached the time of my life when I need to take a step back,” Levine said. Her family has owned the Carnegie since 1976.

“Moving forward, Marian Harper hopes to keep her father’s legacy alive by focusing on licensing the iconic Carnegie Deli brand and selling their world-famous products for wholesale distribution,” said her spokesperson, Cristyne Nicholas.

The news of the closing saddens many New Yorkers, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has tweeted about the sandwiches before. 

Photo: Getty 


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