Justin Bieber Promotes Shawn Mendes' New Album On Social Media

Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are total bros now! Justin took to his twitter account to compliment Shawn and promote his new album, Illuminate, and with his following, Shawn is definitely bound to get some new listeners and fans. 

Shawn even tweeted back at the pop star, thanking him for his support! 

This comes after Shawn defended Justin in the media. He told Billboard, "People thought of him as a type of person. But maybe he was the same person the whole time and you guys just didn't give him a chance to show you who he was. Stop ­looking at him in a ­negative view and accept him as who he is. We don't get mad at punk rock bands for doing shit like [he does], because that's their personality. I just find it very confusing."  

Looks like there is a total bromance happening here and we are definitely about it. Next thing we know, they'll be Snapchatting together! 

Photo: Getty

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