Rebel Wilson Being Sued 1.3 million Dollars For Twitter Rant Gone Wrong

Australian actress, Rebel Wilson is being sued for 2 million Australian dollars for a twitter rant gone terribly wrong! She is being sued for defamation lawsuit. 

Back in February, Rebel complained about a journalist named Elizabeth Wilson who she claimed went to Rebel's grandmother's home. In her anger, Rebel tweeted about the incident calling it a "disgrace" and "total scum." She even tweeted out a photo of the journalist, well what she thought was the journalist. 

Turns out Rebel tweeted out a photo of the WRONG Elizabeth Wilson. The wrong Elizabeth is suing for damages after being harassed by Rebel's fans. She is claiming  that she has had no apology after being called a "low, despicable, and worthless person" according to the Herald Son

Photo: getty


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