Law And Order Star Gets Slashed By Knife In NYC Subway

Celebrity actor, Douglas Drucker, was attacked on a NYC subway train just past 6pm. 

The actor, who plays a gang leader on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, was heading downtown on the E train when a man talking to himself and bleeding turned and said “What the f--k are you looking at.." When Drucker attempted to walk away the suspect punched him in the back of the head. He told the Daily News Tuesday, “I was trying to play it cool, but then I realized he was out of his mind...He was like pacing back and forth, and he came out with a knife.” 

Then Drucker tried to walk away again, but the suspect slashed him with a folding knife, on the left hand and once on the left shoulder.

The suspect then left the scene into another train car and left the station when the subway stopped.

Photo: Getty


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