Angelina Jolie And Kids Were Interviewed By The FBI

Angelina Jolie and her children were interviewed on Tuesday by 2 FBI agents according to TMZ. They were there to determine exactly what happened between Brad Pitt and their 15 year-old-son Maddox

TMZ is reporting that the FBI spent more than 3 hours with Angelina and the kids. They are not officially investigating of right now they are just "fact-finding" to see if there is evidence to warrant an investigation. 

Angelina and the kids walked the FBI through the incident, but spent most of the time trying to figure out the location of the plane at the time the incident took place! 

It apparently does matter if the plane was not in the U.S. when the argument happened. The FBI also asked many questions about what happened when the plane refueled in Minnesota. They need to know whether Minnesota officials may have jurisdiction. 

Sources are telling TMZ that Angelina was "cooperative but her but her endgame is for the whole thing to just go away."

Photo: Getty


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