Mother And Daughter Plot To Kill Family With Antifreeze

Mother from Missouri, Diane Staudte had four children but made it clear, Rachel, her second youngest was her favorite. 

The two of them grew close in 2012 when their husband/father was found dead at 61 after suffering flue-like symptoms for a few days, according to police. 

Then, 5 months later, Diane found her 26-year-old son, dead on the floor of his bedroom after feeling sick. 

The family thought it was just bad luck when Diane's second oldest child, Sarah, 24, was hospitalized. She had flu-like symptoms that turned out to be organ failure. 

After Sarah's hospitalization, Diane was charged with murdering her husband and son and trying to kill her daughter Sarah. She eventually confessed to putting ANTIFREEZE in their drinks "as a result of deep animosity toward her family" reported by People. 

After the police investigated and questioned Rachel, she admitted to helping her mother poison her family members. 

They both pleaded guilty in the murders and attempted murders. Diane was sentenced to life in prison without parole and Rachel who agreed to testify against her mom was sentenced in March to two life terms but may be eligible for parole after 42.5 years. 

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Photo: People/women’s eastern reception diagnostic correctional center


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