Amelia Earhart Mystery May Have Been Solved By Scientists

Everyone knows the infamous story of Amelia Earhart. The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and then attempted to navigate the globe with co-pilot Frederick J. Noonan, however her plane disappeared somewhere near Howland Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

In August, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery's Ric Gillespie said Earhart made over 100 radio transmissions calling for help, ruling out the possibility that she died in a crash landing. Her calls were picked up as far as Texas and Florida! 

Gillespie added that she must have landed safely because the radio would not have worked without the engine of the plane running. 

Next, bones were uncovered from the island of Nikumaroro or 'Gardner Island' about 400 miles from where it is assumed Earhart landed. In 1940, a doctor claimed the bones were male, ruling out Earhart as the victim however now the IGHAR is saying modern techniques PROVE the bones were “consistent with a female of Earhart’s height and ethnic origin.”

Using a photo of Amelia Earhart the calculation of her lower and upper arm ratio were measured. Although with clothing on it isn't 100% accurate but the ratio was 'virtually identical' to the skeleton they found on Gardner Island. 

We are certainly one step closer to finding out what really happened! 

via NYPost

Photo: Getty 

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