Are You More Like Paris Geller or Bella Hadid Running Into An Ex?

Running into an ex is never fun. It's awkward, emotional, and who even has time to deal with that?! Everybody was talking about Bella Hadid running into her ex The Weeknd on Thursday. Sure, running into your old boyfriend is relatable, but that's not what had the internet buzzing about this particular encounter. The Victoria's Secret model basically lived out every girls' revenge fantasy about running into the one that got way while looking hot AF.  The first time Angel literally ran into her former boyfriend while strutting down a runaway in lingerie and girl looked FAB. 


While everybody wishes they could pull a Bella Hadid and look Victoria's Secret runway ready at all times (just in case they happen to unexpectedly see their ex), it's pretty unrealistic. You know who else had a totally relatable reaction to seeing somebody they used to have feelings for? Our girl, Paris Geller. 

One of the most memorable scenes in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was when super successful Paris Geller ran into her high school flame Tristan. Paris did the most relatable thing of all.  She ran away as fast as she could in the opposite direction. We feel you, Paris. 


No matter how you react in this undeniably awkward situation, you can't go wrong channeling either of these fierce ladies. They're both killing it in their careers (even though one of them is, you know, fictional) and are basically all the #goals. Fingers crossed, though, that you never have to see your ex at all. 


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