Kylie Jenner Just Announced A Surprising Collaboration

Kylie Jenner has slowly but surely been revealing her new merch line. The Kylie Shop is opening on December 10th, and we are literally so excited. The 19-year-old entrepreneur will be rolling out a clothing line in addition to her highly successful cosmetics line. From sweatshirts to underwear, we thought The Kylie Shop had it all. Always one to keep us on our toes, though, Kylie made a major reveal on Instagram tonight. She's going to be collaborating with her big brother Rob Kardashian on a sock design. 


Rob Kardashian's sock line Arthur George produced a sick Kylie Lip Kit inspired design for his baby sister's new venture. This is great news, especially considering all the drama surrounding the siblings in their personal lives. Things can get pretty awkward when your boyfriend's baby mama is also your brother's fiance. If this new collaboration is any indication, it looks like Kylie and Rob are over all the drama and back to being besties. 

Rob isn't the only one of Kylie's siblings to inspire the youngest Jenner. Kylie's older sister Kendall gets a shout out in some of the merch for The Kylie Shop. 


We're definitely adding these to our Christmas lists. 


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