Niall Horan Teases Us With Info About His Upcoming Album

Niall Horan broke hearts all over the world earlier this week when he revealed he be going on a hiatus for the foreseeable future. In a personal letter to fans, the former One Direction member revealed he'll be taking a few months off from promoting his debut solo song "This Town" to spend quality time with family and friends. Some fans got nervous that this meant we would't be getting more music from the Irish crooner, but he reassured Elvis Duran at iHeartRadio's Jingleball hosted by Z100 that a second single and album are on their way. 

"I'm recording everything from scratch," Horan said reminding fans that these things, unfortunately, take time. "I'm a little bit behind on time, but I didn't want to put any time pressure on myself. I'll just get it done when it's done."


We're so happy to hear that Niall is taking his time to make this the best album he can...even though that means we have to wait a little while to hear more of his solo music. We'll just keep "This Town" on repeat until he's back with his mysterious second single. 


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