Celeb Public Apologies Reenacted By Elvis Duran, Skeery Jones, and Bethany Watson

It seems like every other day over the past year a celebrity was making a public apology for one of their missteps. Just last week, Rob Kardashian aired literally ALL of his dirty laundry with Blac Chyna on every social media platform you can imagine. After Snapchatting his empty home after Chyna left and took everything (she even vacuumed before she left) and reposting a ton of memes about the situation, Kardashian made one of the last celeb public apologies of the year on his Instagram account. 


This had us reminiscing about all of the other celebrity scandals throughout the year. From Ryan Lochte's outrageous robbery fabrication to Selma Blair's plane outburst, we realized that 2016 was definitely the year of the celeb public apology. We got some of our Z100 family members like Elvis Duran, Skeery Jones, Bethany Watson and more to do some hilarious dramatic readings of the apologies.  


We can't wait to see what scandals (and subsequent public apologie) 2017 has in store. It's been fun, 2016! We're sorry to see you go. (See what we did there?!)


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