And The First Kiss Of The Bachelor Goes To.....

2017 is going to be great, now that The Bachelor is back!  Especially because Nick Viall is looking really good, that cross-fit definitely paid off.  

We start off visiting Nick with his family, and his very wise sister Bella, who offers him some advice.  Nick also gets advice from past Bachelors Sean Lowe, Ben Higgins and Chris Soules…which is weird because Chris Soules is like one of the biggest Bachelor failures but okay. 

 Next we get some “in depth” interviews with some of the contestants.  Rachel, Danielle L., Vanessa, Josephine, Raven, all seem very nice, then we get to Corinne who seems to still live with her parents and her nanny, whom she orders around to cut up her cucumbers.  Not a great look Corinne.  We also meet Alexis, Danielle M., Taylor and Liz who was Jade’s Maid of Honor and although she at first “pleads the fifth” about how well she got to know Nick at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, she later tells us that she slept with Nick......  Oh Liz.  I think Nick also thinks she’s there to gain enough followers to sell hair-growth gummy bears on instagram, but she will stick around for the next few weeks at the behest of the producers.  Not going to lie, I can’t wait for everyone to find out she slept with Nick before the show.

Cut to the Bachelor mansion and Chris Harrison gives Nick a little pre-limo meet and greet pep talk:

       Chris: People hate you

            Nick: Yeah, I know

The girls’ greetings aren’t too weird, we don’t have anyone throwing bread on the ground.  Alexis does show up in a dolphin (or shark) costume and Hailey tells Nick she’s not wearing underwear…Liz shows up and if nick remembers her, well he doesn’t show it, which Liz is weirdly okay with even though they had sex that one time.

Pretty much every girl is wearing a red dress, I guess red is particularly in right now?

Lacey arrives on a camel and makes a lot of puns about humping, enraging the other girls.  Josephine makes Nick eat a raw hot dog “Lady and the Tramp style,” which is just gross. So gross.

Anyway we go into the house and emotions start to fly!  Corinne gets the first kiss of the night by cutting off Vanessa and forcing her tongue down Nick’s throat.  

At 9:20 pm we have our first tears via Jasmine who is very upset that she hasn’t received enough time with Nick, girl it’s only going to get harder. 

Nick and Liz talk and it turns out he does remember her, and he is already questioning why she is here, she had nine months to get his number from Jade…

Rachel, the lawyer who seems super genuine and down to earth gets the first impression rose!  Even though Corinne seemed to believe she would get it because she was the only kiss of the evening.

Vanessa, Danielle L., Christen, Astrid, Corinne, Elizabeth W., Jasmine G., Raven, Christina, Danielle M., Sarah, Josephine, Lacey, Taylor, Alexis, Hayley, Whitney, Dominique, Jami, Brittany and Liz all get roses…

The previews for the rest of the season look epic, can’t wait for next Monday! xoxo Rachel Gold

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