Little Mix Talks Breaking Up, Charlie Puth, and Girl Power

There's really no better way to ring in the new year than blasting Little Mix's third studio album Glory Days. The British girl group dropped their latest album back in November, but with powerhouse tracks like "Shoutout To My Ex" and "Touch" it still feels brand new. The girls stopped by the studio to talk to Maxwell about creating the album, as well as their upcoming stateside tour with Ariana Grande. Group member Jesy Nelson said they were so excited to work with Ari because "she's a little queen." Nelson also went on to say that the Little Mix girls are just excited to "see all of our American fans."

Nelson, along with her bandmates Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirwall, will be performing some of the amazing songs from Glory Days out on tour. We're so excited to see them team up with Ariana Grande, especially because both Little Mix and Ari have such strong messages of girl power in their music. Little Mix talked about the response to their break up anthem and lead single off of Glory Days "Shoutout to My Ex," with Nelson saying that "when you break up with someone it's awful. Is it not one of the worst pains? It's horrendous and we all need...a sad song that you sit and cry to. At the end of the day, though, you need something that makes you feel empowered..that makes you think 'you know what I don't need you anymore. I'm going to go out with my girls and I'm going to get over you because I don't need you.' And that's exactly what Shout Out To My Ex does." 

Thirwall described Glory Days having a "love and heartbreak theme." While there's a lot of love songs on their third album, there's a nice mixture of happy and sad lyrics. "There's something for everyone on there." Thirwall told us, saying that "whether you're in a relationship and you're really happy or you've just broken up with someone or you're single and you're loving life." Overall, though, the girls have one major goal. They want to make their fans feel good about themselves. "It's why we make music. We want to inspire people." Pinnock said of their work. "We want to make people feel amazing about themselves."

The girls collaborated with Charlie Puth on a doowap inspired track called "Oops" and recently performed the song with him on British X Factor. Even though the song has been recorded and released, their performance was the first time Little Mix met the "One Call Away" singer. If you thought you could feel instant chemistry between the four Little Mix girls and Puth, you were absolutely right. The girls gushed over working him. "He's so cute!" Nelson crooned, adding "He writes very sexy songs!" Edwards informed us that he's "the sweetest guy ever." 

Little Mix will be in the United States for 3 months touring with Ariana Grande starting on Feb. 2nd. Until then, we'll be blasting Glory Days on repeat! 

Photo: Getty Images

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