Joe Jonas Has A Theory On Lady Gaga's Jump Into The Super Bowl Stadium

Despite it being reported that Lady Gaga didn't in fact jump from the top of the stadium at the Super Bowl, Joe Jonas thinks otherwise.... 

In an interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Joe reveals that he made a bet on Lady Gaga jumping off an orange ladder that he saw inside the stadium. Long story short, he lost the bet. When Jimmy brings up claims that Lady Gaga didn't in fact jump from the top of the stadium, Joe disagrees. He says... "I'm seeing a spider web come down....and that was her. It was legit her yea." 

He isn't the only one that was in the stadium that night claiming they didn't realize Gaga didn't actually jump from the top of the stadium. The Washington Post talked to a Mary Engelbrechtsen, a child care consultant from New Jersey, attended the game and said “She came into the arena on a harness, but you honestly could not tell where she came from. I was with a group of 15 and none of us were quite sure where she actually came from.”

So looks like Joe wasn't the only one fooled in the stadium Sunday night! 

Photo: Getty

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