Austin Mahone Reveals His 21st Birthday Plans and Talks Future Album

Austin Mahone stopped by the studio to hang out with Shelley Rome and talk about his new mixtape For Me + You. While his fans are definitely excited for his future debut album, they were thrilled when Mahone announced the arrival of the eight track EP. Some pretty amazing artists, such as Juicy J, Pitbull, and 2 Chainz, are featured on Mahone's new project, as well. Mahone revealed to Shelley that he's sitting on a 80 to 90 unreleased songs, joking around that he has "a lot of hits" waiting to come out. UM, CAN WE HEAR THEM PLEASE?! 

Mahone also filled Shelley in on what he'll be doing on his upcoming 21st birthday. The pop star said he'll definitely be hitting up Miami and Las Vegas for the big celebration. "I don't know the exact plan," he said of the milestone birthday, but he knows life is "about to be amazing." 

We're so excited for all of Austin Mahone's new project..and that big birthday celebration. Hopefully he'll post a ton pictures on Instagram! 

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