An Airport Is Trying To Find The Owner Of Lost Teddy

A poor child lost his or her teddy bear at Cork Airport in Ireland. 

Luckily, the nice employees of the airport are on a mission to reconnect the teddy bear with it's owner. The Cork Airport shared a photo of the teddy on Facebook in hopes that it will get shared so much that the owner would be able to find it! The airport's statement says: "This pink Teddy should have been heading off on a flight earlier today but got separated from his travelling companions. If you are missing Teddy please contact us. Teddy has had his dinner and tea and is relaxing in our lounge at present."

Looks like the teddy bear is having a lot of fun in the airport though: 

They're still waiting for the owner of this teddy bear, so share with your friends! Nothing is more upsetting than losing a stuffed animal that you love! 

Photo: Getty Via Elite Daily

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