Kate McKinnon Cast in Netflix's Magic School Bus Reboot

The hilarious and talented Kate McKinnon has been cast in Netflix's Magic School Bus reboot. The new series has been in pre production over at Netflix for a while and was originally announced with the title Magic School Bus 360. The reboot is now being called The Magic School Bus Rides Again and Kate McKinnon will be at the helm as the iconic Miss Frizzle. 


McKinnon  will be taking over the role of Miss Frizzle from another equally hilarious actress. Lily Tomlin originated the role of the zany, red haired teacher during the series initial run, which aired from 1994-1997. The show remains popular to this day, with children born long after it ended tuning in for the wild magic school bus adventures. The reboot will be computer animated and it's first season will debut this year! We can't wait for more Miss Frizzle (and hopefully Liz, too!)


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